14 Ways You’re Damaging Your Teeth

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Do you need tips for healthy teeth? I bet you do. But there’s no point knowing them if you’re

still guilty of many of the don’ts of dental care.


Strong, healthy teeth make you confident, so here are 14 ways you’re damaging that healthy smile (and I bet you don’t know some of them are that bad).


1. Drinking Sugar-Free Fizzy Drinks


Okay you know sugary drinks aren’t something you want a lot of on your teeth. So you opt for the sugar-free beverages.


Here’s news for you, most sugar-free drinks contain acids that aren’t good for your enamel. And if you even think they’re good for weight loss, recent studies don’t seem to agree.


2. Eating Dried Fruit


Dried fruit? Yeah, your raisins, dates and prunes. The vitamins A and E in raisins are great for your body but you should control your cravings for dried fruit because they contain lots of sugar.


If you want to protect against tooth decay without having to ditch those great meals, there are other foods you can try.


3. Being Dehydrated


Dehydration increases your risk of cavities and gum diseases. And it’s all connected to Saliva.


Saliva production decreases when you’re dehydrated and it’s saliva that helps wash the stains dark food leave on your enamel.


Saliva contains calcium that strengthens your enamel and makes it more acid-resistant. And it also washes away food particles so oral bacteria don’t have a lot to feed on.


4. Brushing Too Hard


I know hard work pays, but there’s an exception to every rule, and your tooth is. Proper brushing involves adopting a technique that enables you get those bristles on all surfaces and not being rough on them.


Just stick with the ADA recommended brushing plan and you’d be fine. Overbrushing would hurt your gums and cause sensitive teeth.


5. Choosing the Wrong Toothbrush


Toothbrushes have made oral care easier but that’s if you’re with the right one. First things first, go for soft, rounded bristles. Hard bristles aren’t good for your gums. Then choose one with a head that allows it reach your hidden molars. So it doesn’t make sense to get your kids a brush with a big head since it won’t fit in.

And it’s 2017, if you have a hand injury that doesn’t make brushing fun, get an electric toothbrush.


6. Ignoring Symptoms


Your body’s always trying to tell you something. Do listen. Don’t say it’s just another toothache that would be gone in an hour or that’s just how my gums bleed.


Most mild dental infections become dangerous when ignored. Gingivitis can become periodontitis after some time.


Tooth decay doesn’t just appear as bad as it looks on those pictures you may have seen. It started with one little pit that was ignored.


7. Not Flossing


How bad is not flossing? Very bad. There’d always be little particles of food stuck in your teeth after every meal. Flossing helps you get them out so you prevent bad breath.


And remember the bacteria in your mouth use this food to reproduce and attack the teeth.


Most toothbrushes can’t get to this tight corners and that’s why you need a dental floss.


8. Not Getting Enough Calcium and Vitamin D


There’s something called remineralization of the tooth. It’s just a process where the minerals that have been eroded from the enamel by bacterial action are replaced.


And calcium and vitamin D are very important reactants for this process. Calcium strengthens the jaw bones and is needed for clotting if you have bleeding gums.


And you need vitamin D to improve calcium absorption.


9. Chewing Pens, Packaging and Nails


There’s a reason you have hands, legs and teeth. They all serve different purposes. And if you’re not using your teeth rightly, abuse is imminent.


Chewing pen lids can turn your teeth brown. It happens when the sharp edges on pens cause cracks in your enamel. Add packaging and bottle caps and you’d so overwork the muscles around your jaw.


And you don’t want to know how much bacteria lives under your nails. It’s scary. You wouldn’t want to even get your hands anywhere near your mouth. You could get gum disease and constant chewing of your nails can make your teeth shift out of place.


Want to know more negatives? You could develop bad breath and chewing promotes growth of bacteria.


10. Grinding Your Teeth


Do you clench and grind your teeth, or what’s called bruxism? Then you need to stop. And there are many reasons why.


Grinding wears out your tooth enamel exposing the underlying dentin. You would also have cracks in your teeth and lots of toothaches.


The amount of pressure generated during grinding is just not what you want for your jaw bones and joints.


11. Choosing The Wrong Toothpaste


Before the toothpaste, we had ashes, oils and other chemicals that were used to clean the teeth. But getting the wrong paste won’t make you any different from the folks who used ash.


There are things to look out for. Don’t go for a paste without the ADA seal. That’s to make sure you’re not brushing with a toxic product.


And get a fluoridated toothpaste. It fights the demineralization process, which kick-starts tooth decay.


12. Smoking


Still don’t know how smoking damages your teeth? Here’s how- smoking stains your teeth because of the nicotine and tar content in tobacco.


Smoking also shuts oxygen in the blood, so infected gums don’t heal or take a lot of time to do so. And gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss.


13. Over-Whitening Your Teeth


So you love those pearly whites on your popular models? Not bad but don’t try over-bleaching yours.


Can you keep a little secret? Nine times out of ten, those pictures have been edited with very sophisticated tools, so there’s no reason the teeth on the magazines won’t have that spark.


Over-whitening weakens tooth enamel and gives it a dull look.


14. Skipping The Dentist


Maybe you don’t have the time or you’ve heard too many scary dental office stories. But that’s no excuse.


You should normally visit the dentist twice a year even if you don’t feel like.


Believe me when I say there are lots of infections a dentist can pick up within few minutes of an oral examination.


And if you think you’re saving money, just know treatment has always been more expensive than prevention.


Check if you’re guilty of any of these and start making positive changes.

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